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Webinar om the General Courts annullering af merger mellem mobiloperatører 3 og O2

29. april 2021

Dansk Forening for Konkurrenceret afholdt medlemsmøde som webinar om the General Court in May 2020 annulled the European Commission's prohibition of the merger between UK mobile operators Three and O2, finding amongst others that the assessment of the unilateral effects of the merger was vitiated by errors in law of assessment and a lack of demonstrating to the requisite standard of proof a significant impediment of competition, including clarifying that according to the Court, the mere effect of reducing competitive pressure on the remaining competitors is not, in principle, sufficient in itself to demonstrate a significant impediment of competition. The judgment, now under appeal, has important messages for both practitioners and enforcers.

The Danish Competition Law Society is therefore particularly glad to be able to invite you to a webinar Thursday 29 April 2021 at 5 pm CET, where the judgment will be presented from the perspective of the practitioner and the enforcer by two excellent capacities that know the case at first hand.

First solicitor Michele Davis from Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer's Competition Group (London office), which is representing Three (CK Telecoms UK Investment Ltd) will provide her view and the case and its most significant points. Subsequently, we are very pleased to welcome Head of Unit Claes Bengtsson from the European Commission's Chief Economist Team, who will provide a view of the judgment from the enforcer's perspective, and comment amongst others on arguments and facts around the Commission's use of econometrics and price simulations and the burden of proof suggested by the Court. After that, the virtual floor is open for questions, points of view and hopefully interesting discussions. The webinar is subject to "Chatham Rules" so that we can get an open and free debate.

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